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Royal Flush

The paper composites utilised in the manufacturing process of Royal Flush® are of the highest standards and quality. A 20% softwood and 80% hardwood combination is used, thus creating a strong and absorbent, yet soft and luxurious texture, which are the ideal requirements for any quality tissue.

Furthermore, Royal Flush
® tissue is acid-free, so it is safe and non-irritable to the skin. It is also non-fluorescent. Non-fluorescent simply means that no brightening agents or additives are used in the manufacturing process of the pulp. The colour is purely from the combination of the wooden pulp. We are using 100% virgin pulp and no recycled materials are incorporated, which makes our tissue a premium one.

As per
statutory regulations, each Royal Flush® roll is GUARANTEED to comprise of 350 sheets per roll, with the mandatory measurements of 110mm x 100mm per sheet.

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